Coleambally Caravan Park

Coleambally Caravan Park
Terms and Conditions

Information you need to provide to us.

Please ensure any information you provide us is current and accurate, that you have the
appropriate or authority to supply that information. The information you supply is for the use of
the Coleambally Caravan Park and will not be used for any other purpose.

Booking Terms and Conditions.

By proceeding with an accommodation booking, you agree to these terms and conditions.
Parties – For the purposes of these terms and conditions:
‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘our’ is referring to the Coleambally Caravan Park and, where the context so permits,
its associated entities; and
‘your party’ means any person who accesses the park under the accommodation booking,
including any family, children, friends, or other people visiting the park at your invitation.
By proceeding with an accommodation booking, you agree to these terms and conditions and must
ensure your party agrees to, and complies with, these terms and conditions.
If you require to stay more than 28 days or longer, you must inform the Caravan Park
Management and you will be asked to sign into another agreement.

Check In is – 2pm onwards.

Check out is – 10am or before.

A 2pm check-in and 10am check-out applies to all bookings unless alternative arrangements have
been agreed with park management prior to arrival. An additional fee will be charged for early
arrival and late departures.
Animals must be reported, before arrival. All animals must always be kept on a leash. Animals are
not permitted within the amenities.

Reception Hours

Hours: 11am – 6pm 7 DAYS
Outside of these hours contact Susan 0478550522 and leave a message and we will contact you
as soon as possible.

Payments Changes and Cancellation

Payment is to be made upon booking via MOTO or Bank Transfer. For Short term stays, payments
are to be made weekly, if you leave mid-week there is no refund. A fee of $1.50 for $100 and
under, and a 1.5% fee for $100 and over will occur.

NO REFUNDS are available.

Management reserves the right to amend or alter prices, sites, and conditions at any time without
notice. Every effort will be made to accommodation specific site and/or cabin preferences.
However, these requests are subject to availability and are not guaranteed.


The Dump Point for all Caravans with toilets is located at the Lions Park next
door to the Caravan Park.
Never Dump your Toilet waste in the Caravan Park amenities toilets

Emergency Plan

An Emergency Map has been placed inside each On-Site Cabin, Caravan and Amenities. This map
shows you the location of our Emergency Assembly Area. Encase of an Emergency you will be
notified by Management coming to each premises, if there is no response Management will then
contact you via phone. If there is still no contact made Management has the authority to enter the


Under NO circumstances are Power Boxes to be tempered with. Please contact
Management via Caravan Park Office if you have any power issues. If you are unable to
contact Management via the Caravan Park office, please contact Management via phone

Cords are to be tied and hung neatly, Caravan cords are not to be lying on the ground or
near water taps. 


Family Ensuite Cabins – Bedding must be supplied by the customer for children.

Park Rules, Guidelines and Safety Instructions

You and your party must:
Obey all park rules, guidelines and signage and reasonable requests from park staff.
SMOKING of any substance including vipers in the Amenities is strictly prohibited.


Management must be informed of any visitors before their arrival, visitor’s must report to the main
office upon arrival. Visitors are required to park their vehicles at the customers carpark. No one
other than the clients staying in the park can drive their vehicles and park in the caravan park.
Visitors must vacant the premises by 9pm.


Abide by the signed speed restrictions in the park.

  1. In the interest of safety, the speed limit throughout the park is WALKING PACE only, not exceeding 5kph.
  2. Grassed areas are not allowed to be driven on or parked on, you will be assigned a parking area upon arrival.
  3. For safety reasons, learner drivers are not permitted to drive within the park.
  4. We permit a maximum of one vehicle per site / cabin. Vehicles must be parked on your site unless directed by the Management.
  5. Vehicles larger than a standard vehicle is not to be parked in the park. Unless previous arrangements made with Management.
  6. For no reason are you allowed to use any of the taps or hoses within the park to wash your vehicles/Caravans etc. If you require your vehicle to be washed you must contact the Park’s Management and arrangements and fees will apply.
  7. The Storage of extra vehicles, boats, caravans, trailers, and work materials is charged at Management discretion.
  8. No Heavy Vehicles are allowed within the Caravan Park grounds. Parking facilities are available over the road.
General Rules
    1. To ensure the comfort of others staying at a park, only one vehicle is permitted per booking, unless permission has been given in advance by management.
    2. No climbing of any of the trees is permitted.
    3. Authorisation of ball games and other activities will only be permitted by Management
    4. No industrial equipment, (sanders, grinders, welders, spray units) etc are to be used in the park
    5. No fires are permitted in the Park.
    6. No outbuilding or fences may be erected in the park
    7. Children’s swimming pools are not allowed in the park.
    8. Hoses are for the parks Management use only.
    9. Designated paths & roads are always to be used when walking around the park.
    10. Take care for your own safety and the safety of others.
    11. There is 1 power point per site per van. Please ensure that you do not use any other power point that you have been assigned to.
    12. Safely and securely stow your possessions.
    13. You must ensure that persons under 18 years of age (minors) in your party are always accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian whilst staying at the park. It is always your responsibility to ensure the safety and protection of all minors in your party during their stay at the park.
    14. Quiet time in the park is from 9pm 7 days a week. You and your party must respect the comfort of others staying in park. Any unruly behaviour, excessive noise, drunkenness, bad and/or offensive language will not be tolerated and may result in you and your party being evicted from the park without refund. At the owner’s discretion
    15. No plants, paintings, deteriorative items etc are to be hung on the cabin lattice.
Television and Personal TV Aerials.

Please be aware that Coleambally lies in low area. Therefore, TV Reception and or Personal TV
Aerials may not work to the best of their ability.
Reception at times can and will cut in and out or may become fuzzy. We do have regular
circumstances when you may not be able to receive TV Reception at all. Unfortunately, this
situation is unavoidable, and we do apologise for the inconvenience.


Please be aware the Coleambally Caravan Park accommodates for all clientele. This may include
shift workers. Management asks that you respect our clientele and maintain music to a minimum
and within your cabin space. No music will be permitted after 9pm weekdays and weekends.
Weekday’s music is permitted only after 9am. Weekends music is only permitted after 10am. The
Coleambally Caravan Park respects that all clientele do feel welcome and enjoy their stay. Please
respect that everyone does not enjoy the same type of music and some music can offend.
The Entertainment clause in these Terms & Conditions does not in anyway effect the Group Fitness
Classes run by the Coleambally Caravan Park Manager. Group Fitness Classes are held every
Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting at 6am. The Coleambally Caravan Park Manager has the
right to play music and their discretion.
Community sitting area is for all to enjoy. The use of the Fire Pit is only permitted when the
Coleambally Caravan Park Management team are present. Starting, stoking adding wood to the
fire is only permitted by the Coleambally Caravan Park Management team. Under NO
circumstances is anyone permitted to step or sit inside the brick area of the Fire Pit

Parking under trees

Be aware that trees at time drop branches and debris. The trees are continually pruned to reduce
this from occurring. If you chose to park under a tree in the caravan park, the Park does not
accept any responsibility whatsoever for personal injured or damage to personal property and
vehicles from falling branches or trees. It is your responsibility for you to have your own
insurance. Please inform us if you do not want your caravan parked under trees.

Pets-The Park is animal friendly; conditions apply.

Under no circumstances are animals allowed in the cabins.
If found you will be asked to leavethe premises and charged a cleaning fee of $250.
Management MUST be informed before arrival if you are travelling with your animal (s)
Animal (s) registration and Vaccinations must be up to date, and a copy must be made available to
the Coleambally Caravan Park Management. Animal (s) must be leashed or in a cage that you
must always provide whilst in your caravan or tent. A leash must be no more than 2 metres in
length. The only exception to your animal (s) being off leash or uncaged is if you have a secure
enclosed area for your pet within your caravan, caravan annex, tent, tent annex. This will be
strictly enforced.
No pet is to be left unattended at any time. The animal (s) must always be supervised and never
left unattended including inside a caravan, caravan annex, tent, tent annex or site. Animal (s)
must be kept inside your caravan overnight. Dogs found barking must be attended to by the owner
(s) immediately. If your dog is found continuously barking, you will be asked to leave the
Coleambally Caravan Park without a refund for your accommodation.
Please be aware that people are moving about the Caravan Park at various times day and night.
For health and safety reasons dogs must NOT be washed or cleaned anywhere within the park.

Laundry Facilities

Laundry Facilities are always locked. If you require to use the laundry, hours are 3:00pm –
5:00pm. Please contact Management to have them opened.
Washing Machines and Dryers are available, $5 for washing machine and $5 for Dryer.
The following are NOT to be washed in these laundry Facilities.

  1. Bed Doonas
  2. Blankets
  3. Animal Bedding
  4. Oily or Greasy workwear

If Management suspects any of the above will be washed, refusal to the laundry will occur.
Management have the right to advise if access washing is placed in washing machines or dryer,
and an extra fee may occur.
No manmade clothesline are to be erected using the lattice, no personal clothes are to be hung
around the outside of cabins. The caravan park clothesline are to be used.

Coleambally Caravan Park
Short Term
Accommodation for On-Site Cabin’s and Owernship of
Caravan, Campervan or Tent
Terms and Conditions

Payment – Short Term

4 weeks rent MUST be paid to secure the accommodation. Your rent must be 2 weeks always in
advance. Upon leaving the property 2 weeks’ notice must be given via a text message or in
writing. If the cabin/van is found clean and tidy, you will receive your 2 weeks rent back.
Please be aware that if accommodation for your Caravan/Tent Site is NOT paid in
advance you are NOT guaranteed ACCOMMODATION

Electricity – is charged at an extra cost

Electricity – A deposit of $100.00 for electricity will need to paid upon arrival. Full usage of
electricity will be charged per week, as an additional charge, not to be included when paying rent.
Eftpos not available for this charge. Meters are read on a weekly basis.

Washing Machines/Dryers

If your caravan has a washing machine and or dryer, you must inform Management – additional
fees will apply.

Garage waste

A garbage bins are provided to you on the day of arrival, this garbage bin is emptied weekly by
Management. If you require your bins to be emptied more frequently, an additional charge will
incur. No garbage is to be left overflowing.
No items/rubbish can be stored outside the onsite cabin/caravans. No additional fencing is to be
erected and or alterations to be done to the inside and or outside of the Cabin/Caravan. Onsite
Cabin/Caravans must always be kept neat and tidy.

Upon Vacating the Premises

Upon vacating the premises, the premises must be inspected by Management. If found untidy/not
clean, this includes fridge, microwave, cupboards, bathroom etc, a cleaning fee will apply.
If Management find any damages, stolen items, you will be contacted for payment. If payment is
refusal an application will be submitted to Fair Trading for investigation.

Budget Cabin Requirements

You are responsible to supply the following.

  1. Waterproof Mattress Protector.
  2. Mattress Protector.
  3. Pillows
  4. Blankets
  5. Doona and Doona Cover

If you are unable to supply these items, an extra cost will be charged per item.

No personal washing machine, may be brought into or installed in the On-Site
Cabin or Caravans.

Coleambally Caravan Park would like to thank you for your co-operation and
We hope that you have a pleasant stay with us, and we allow any feedback.
Please feel free to follow and like our Facebook Page “Coleambally Caravan Park”.

By using our website and clicking the BOOK button you hereby agree to obey by the “Coleambally Caravan Park Terms and Conditions”.

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